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James opp
Carleton Centre for Public History

Anthony Whitehead
School of Information Technology
Carleton University

Will Knight
Anthony Whitehead
Kaitlyn Fox
Kai Cheng
Wei Cui
Will Knight
Angela Beking
Kaleigh Bradley
Liam Kennedy
Lara Lavelle


Special Thanks

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Parks Canada including Pam Buell, Heather Macdonald, and Paul Gallpeau of Parks Canada's Eastern Ontario Field Unit In Smiths Falls, for providing access to their extensive photographic collection.

We also thank Heritage House Museum in Smiths Falls, Jim Skelding, Neil Patterson, and Olivia Mills for permission to use images from their collections.

Thanks to our consultants, John C. Walsh, Shawn Graham, Patti Harper, and especially to Ken Watson for his support and expertise.